Hi Everyone! Welcome to my site, hope you are having a fantabulous day. I am Laura and I am originally from a small town in Blighty (England) called Chesham (think farmland, horses, pubs, country fairs and all that) but I moved out 5 years ago to pursue my career in music and landed myself in Los Angeles. HUGE culture shock but I am loving it :)

You have probably seen me holding fancy looking baby keyboards all jazzed up in smashing colors. That is a Keytar, and they are my babies :) I got endorsed by Roland Keyboards and rated top 25 keytar players by them worldwide a few years, back when I got hired to play in reality TV star Gretchen Bonaduce's the Fatal 80s band. Arh good times. Any job that pays you to slap on oodles amounts of glitter and prance around a massive stage in front of thousands playing 80s tunes is a winning job in my books.

After getting hired to play across the country in various bands and headlining venues such as Universal Studios and Caesars Palace Casino in Vegas, I decided it was time to release my own self written album.

I have brought out several singles so far in build-up to the release, and been featured in both the LA Times and Wall Street Journal. Life is awesome. Can't complain.

Thank you so much for visiting my little site, have a poke around and see what you can find, make sure to sign up to the mailing list and hear a brand new cover I release every Monday.

Mucho love and toodles,
Laura x

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